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Orca Expedition - Arctic Norway 

Sometimes, the Universe wants to challenge you with something bigger than yourself. For me, it happened in November 2018, 400 km above the Arctic Circle. These few days spent up there changed my life forever and taught me one beautiful lesson:


"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." 


I've defeated my oldest fear (the Sea) and swam with wild Orcas all around and under me! I've discovered my inner strength and the beauty of Mother Nature. I found faith in myself, in the Elements and in the Animals. We are one.


Since then, I need to go there every winter again and again to meet my angels. What used to scares me the most is now what fascinates me the most and what makes me so deeply happy and glad to be alive on this planet.


Forever grateful to my sister, Valhalla Orca Expedition & Marco Schulenburg.

Pictures by Lina, Piet & Marco.

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