I'm Emilie.

About me

I'm French but I don't like red wine. I love to share my skills with others but I would kill anyone who tries to steal my cheese. I collect hundred of dog's pictures but when it comes to layout, the less is the better. I love to work in team but I also fight like a lion to defend my own ideas. I left grey Paris for colorful Berlin 9 years ago & recently moved to Hamburg. I find my peace & strenght in the white North (Arctic Norway). I am the special soul you need for your project & I promise to let a part of my heart inside it.

Work Experience

from 09/2018: Freelance Senior Art Director (DE, Europe, Worldwide)

03/2017 - 06/2018: Art Director @TROPEN, Berlin (DE)

03/2014 - 01/2017: Art Director @PLANTAGE, Berlin (DE)

01/2012 - 02/2014: Junior Art Director @SERVICEPLAN, Berlin (DE)

07/2011 - 12/2011: Internship Art @SERVICEPLAN, Berlin (DE)


2010 - 2009: Bachelor's Degree Multimedia @Efficom, Paris (FR)

2009 - 2007: Degree Visual Communication @Ecoles de Condé, Paris (FR)

2007 - 2006: Decorative Art Class @Ecoles de Condé, Paris (FR)

2006 - 2005: Technical Degree Marketing & Customers @Lycée Sarcey, Dourdan (FR)

2005: Literary Baccalaureate, English Major @Lycée Sarcey, Dourdan (FR)


French: Native

English: Fluent

German: Intermediate

Spanish: Basic


Coca-Cola - Mini Cooper - Volkswagen Rally - Teufel - Amazon - Metro|nom (Metro)  - Juke (Media Saturn DE) - Bundespolizei (Federal Police DE) - Deutsche Bahn (Railway DE)  & more...

Fun Facts

27/11/18: The day I swam with wild Orcas in the Arctic Sea, defeated my oldest fear (the water) & learned that "everything you want is on the other side of fear."

In Dog We Trust: My online shop dedicated to Sighthounds (Shopping & Rescue).


Email: contact(at)emiliemontigny.com