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Teasing / Recruiting Campaign

Berlin - Germany

One of the most exciting campaign I ever worked for. Teasing-campaigns are always fun, but this one even more fun than usual! The challenge was to attract and target developers and make them curious about Metro|nom (while still being undercover). We wanted to talk to them in a specific language only they understand, and expose the real struggles they have by working in start-ups.


So, what seemed to be an "anti start-ups" campaign, with a mysterious #TakeTheExit hashtag and guerilla actions, ended up being an amazing recruiting campaign for the next biggest software company: Metro|nom. This way, people would have a totally new approach and opinion about the brand Metro, they would trust its reliability and discover their new vision for the future.

  • Creation of the poster's layout

  • Coloring of the illustrations

  • Creation of merchandising designs

  • Involved in the thinking process for guerilla actions

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